Thursday, November 22, 2012

Mood Swing.

Just got back from BP Lab, and eat. Dahlah it cost RM30 [before this RM25/test] and result won't come out until 1.(>______<) <-- piss off! Don't know how to describe my feeling. Rasa kusut sangat for the past 5 days. Maybe sebab paranoid? Maybe sebab next week exam. I notice, usually bila time nak dekat-dekat exam memang terasa tense sangat! and of course, I  am worried about this little munchkin inside my tummy. How ya doin'?
Call BP Lab ask whether result BHGC dah keluar. Yes, dah siap but person in charge taknak bagitahu result through phone. Piss off again, but hey~ kejap lagi pun dah nak pergi ambil right? It's ok to be patient even I dah tunggu since 5 days ago for this momment.
OK. Result: 17,171. OH WOW! What a huge number. Even dah tau result, which is increasing that obviously I'm pregnant. I'm still super worried.
Quickly went to EPAU [Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit] and nasib baik doktor still nak layan even masa tu dah lunch hour. Bla bla bla, I had a pregnancy transvaginal ultrasound [this is 5th time] kinky (>______<)" and...there he/she is! "swimming freely" in my uterus. Yup, no ectopic whatever. It's normal! I'm pregnant and healthy! Alhamdulillah. I'm happy, like seriously happy and it makes me cry. This is awesome (^_________^). Better start reading on those pregnancy guide book. Huhuhu.