Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Stomach Pain

Malam tadi sakit lagi sampai mengeletar peluh-peluh. I don't mind my stomach hurting like this as long as you  are safe, my child. In Shaa Allah.


I feel so hungry, I can eat a whole cow right now. Since this morning, I already eat 2 packet of Nestum and packet of Campbell mushroom soup but my stomach seem to beg for more and more food. Actually I plan to eat my favourite "nasi kacang panjang" today, tapi nak pergi jalan kaki 700m to shop nearby, macam impossible. 
   Berkira-kira nak order delivery McD, tapi OH NO! I should practice what I preach due some reason and of course! plus McD is not good for your health and it expensive! I guess, I should plan weekly menu from now. Better stock up. Tapi duit tinggal sikit (T_____T) I bet it will not last until the end of this week. Esok nak guna duit juga. OK. Apa makanan yang healthy and cheap? 
   My hubby suggest I list down all food I want to eat. Oh well, I really want burger for dinner tonight.